I currently have my second child at Clevedon Montessori School and feel as happy with the
setting as we did the first time round! The staff and the setting itself is so nurturing and
totally child centred – enabling true care and flexibility in their approach to helping children
be individual and experiment with learning and growing. I personally love the fact that there
seems to be more importance placed on the enjoyment and intricacies of child development
rather than just ticking boxes and meeting targets! Although this happens very well along the
way as well. We feel very lucky to be able to have sent our children to Maureen and her
dedicated team.
Mrs K B, 2021

Both my children have attended Montessori since they were 2 years old. They have
blossomed with their life skills. I feel this is a great start to their lives. All the teachers and
staff are fantastic and really put their heart into each and every pupil individually. I wish
mine didn’t have to leave.
C D, 2021

Thank you so much for the beautiful leavers’ celebration. It’s so amazing to see the progress
G has made this year and how much his confidence has grown. I couldn’t be more proud of
him stood up there today singing.
M, 2021

We have been delighted to see our sons develop and thrive during their time at Clevedon
Montessori School. They have developed independence and a love of learning and
thoroughly enjoy their time at school. The team are very kind and nurturing and supportive
of the boys’ learning.
J G, 2021


I wanted to thank you in person for the great job you have done in caring and teaching ‘E’
over the past two years. She is a confident and happy girl with a brilliant foundation of
knowledge to go on to her next school and I think I have to put a lot of that down to Clevedon
Mr and Mrs L, 2016


I cannot sing this nursery school’s praises highly enough! ‘A’ has had the opportunity to
grow and enjoy her pre-school years benefiting from Mrs Burgoyne and her team’s expertise
and passion for embracing the Montessori philosophy, which has really allowed and nurtured
self-discipline, curiosity, independence, creativity, confidence, respect for others, love of
nature, our culture and other cultures. I can honestly say, hand on heart, sending ‘A’ here
was one of the finest decisions. Over the last 2 years my daughter has learnt so much at
nursery; to read and to love books, to write letters and numbers by making shapes in the sand
and air, to resolve upsets and conflicts with empathy and respect at the ‘peace table’, to lay

the table, serve dinner, help cook and wash up, she even enjoys making her own bed and
tidying up after herself now. The school day encourages free choice of activity and respect
for equipment, so it is with great joy that I can now watch my little girl care for her toys and
possessions at home and take great pride in whatever activity she chooses which she likes
calling ‘her work’, a Montessori terminology, which I think has nurtured a very positive
Ms O, 2016


I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my daughter’s education – she has come away with
so much independence which will give her confidence when she moves up to school. She
loved Clevedon Montessori and felt completely happy at home whilst being there. She
always amazes me with new things she learnt there. I would recommend it to anyone!
Ms G, 2016


On hearing of our Outstanding Ofsted rating in 2016:
Congratulations! Very well deserved! Thank you for settling ‘R’ in so well. He is so happy
at your school. I’m so pleased how much he loves it.
Mrs B, Sept 2016


Congratulations to you all, great news. I’ve known you are all outstanding for a long time
Mrs M, Sept 2016


I had to contact you to congratulate you on your Ofsted result. Although I’m not surprised as
the care and dedication you all have is second to none. I’m absolutely thrilled as you all must
Ms H, Sept 2016